#613 Platinum Blonde 3 Bundle Deal

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613: Divinity 613 extensions come in the lightest shade with a yellowish tent. These strikingly beautiful bundles with a unique hue work well with any modern trendy style. Our soft glossy 613 bundles are made of high – quality human hair and dyed to perfection.  613 hair is a hot commodity and never goes out of style. It can be used to achieve any colored look you prefer. Bright vibrant colors look stunning on our 613 bundles. Dying your own hair can cause damage and dryness. Our 613 bundles can save your hair from harsh chemicals and give you the “look” you are wishing to achieve. We all know that “blondes have more fun”. Shop Divinity Hair 613 Collection’s to bring out your fun girl alter ego. 

Color: #613 

Lenghts- 14-30 inches  


Maintenance: Medium- high maintenance due to the hair being processed by bleach and dye.  This hair requires hydration daily (argan oil or spray). You will also need to wash your 613 bundles weekly with color protection shampoo. We recommend using Tresemme color revitalize shampoo and conditioner. Divinity 613 extensions can be flat ironed, curled and dye any color you prefer. Minimum shedding will occur due to the hair being processed. With proper care your hair will last 6 months to a year.