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  • 3.5oz
  • 1B color
  • 3 bundles
  • Minimal shedding
  • Lasts up to 2 years with proper care
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Please follow these tips daily to ensure that your divinity hair extensions are looking healthy, manageable, and reusable.

Before installation, we suggest that you shampoo your extensions at least two times and condition them once for your best results. When rinsing out the conditioner; rinse until you see no remaining suds. When washing your extensions rinsing your conditioner out is one of the most important steps. If you do not rinse it well, the residue left in the hair could result in stiff, dull results.

When washing your extensions please use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Any products that contain sulfate are very damaging and can cause extreme dryness. When choosing your products remember to look for oils such as Argan oil, Moroccan oil, or Keratin oil. After thoroughly rinsing your hair and let your bundles air dry. You can (hang dry) your extensions or lay them flat on a towel to dry. NOW your extensions are ready for installation.

Before going to bed it is important to follow these few steps to ensure that your extensions are long-lasting. Brush your hair to remove all tangles using a wig brush. These brushes are gentle on the hair and will not pull as much. When brushing your hair remember to start brushing from the ends up to the weft. Next, braid your hair down into a few braids, wrap your hair, or tie it into a ponytail. Then cover your hair with a satin scarf or bonnet.

Make sure to brush your hair daily and apply a leave-in conditioner to keep your hair soft and moist. When brushing your hair remember to start from the ends and work your way up towards the weft. Doing this will help keep pressure off of the weft and is a good way to maintain the longevity of your extensions. Conditioning your hair is important. We recommend using a deep conditioner on your hair at least once per week. Avoid using heavy styling products and using excessive heat with temperatures over 410 degrees on your hair. Divinity hair extensions are 100% human hair. It can be styled any way you prefer.

IMPORTANT! If you are not familiar with coloring hair please take your Divinity Hair extensions to a professional for the best results. Your bundles are a great investment, you DO NOT want to ruin your hair by over-processing it with bleaches and dye. Always let a licensed professional color your hair. DO NOT do it yourself.

Some women think “oh great, curly hair is easy." Truth is curly hair requires the most maintenance. It must be wet daily so that curl-defining cream can be applied. With curly and wavy hair you must co-wash your hair daily. Co-washing must be done with cool water. Co-washing is a method to wash hair without using shampoo. When co-washing be sure to use cleansing conditioner for your best results. Rinse with cool or cold water then allow your air to air dry. This method will keep the curl pattern nice and tight. Please note that washing your hair with HOT water will loosen the curl pattern. It is mandatory that you apply a curl-defining cream while your hair is wet. This will stop your hair from frizzing. Applying curl-defining cream to wet hair will give you a nice, soft tamed look when dry.

Detangle your wig using a wide-tooth comb. Curly wigs should be combed using your hands. You can do this by separating each individual curl with your fingers so that they retain their shape. Fill a container with cool water and mix in a bit of shampoo and conditioner. Immerse your wig and swirl it around gently. Then let it soak for about 5 minutes. Next, rinse your wig by gently running cool water over it. DO NOT rub. Pat dry with a towel, again DO NO rub. Then place your wig on a wig stand and leave it to air dry.

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